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Baby/Toddler Blankets

$ 45.00

Our modern blankets are a great gift for any new baby or toddler. It's perfect for covering carseats, playing on the floor, snuggling with. These are a favorite of Oliver & Lucy Designs and quickly become THE blanket for little people.

Our blankets are approximately 30 x 34 inches and are made with 100% cotton on the front and incredibly soft and fluffy backing.

Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low or air dry. We have found that higher heats compromise the integrity of the fibers and leave the fuzzy side of our blankets stiffer than when treated with low or no heat.


>>>use coupon code "localgrab" at checkout to remove shipping fees if you are local and wish to pick up in person. Lincoln, NE<<<


** If you're looking for a children's blanket, these are great for ages 0-2 years. We generally recommend our larger throws for ages 3 years and up if you're wanting a blanket that will cover your child, young adult, grown-up. Feel free to contact us if you need help deciding which size is best for you! **